Go with all your heart

Often people and in particular young people are not convinced of what they are doing in life. There are always these questions arising in their heads:  Should I apply for the new job? Is it the right time to get married? It basically does not matter if it is the right time or not. There is no ‘right time’ because the right time is what time you make it to be.  It does not matter either if it might be the right decision or not. We should all disengage from what other people and the whole society are expecting from us. We certainly do not have to satisfy other people. In the first place we have to satisfy ourselves and be convinced of what we are doing. By this I do not want to say that it does not matter at all what you are  going to decide. Just try to make a free decision. Free from any social conventions and also free from all doubts. The most important thing is that you go with all your heart – whatever you are doing in life.

Going with all your heart means that you are truly convinced of what you are doing, that you never  give up to make your dream come true and that you always stay positive – no matter what happens.

Furthermore when making decisions you should trust your guts and not only your brain because things don’t turn out good if you don’t feel them. Overthinking decisions is a big problem a lot of people have to deal with.

In sports we are taught that in order to excel we have to be like Nike and Just Do It. There is no consolation prize. If you dream big, you attain big. Trust your guts and go with all you heart and everything will turn out good.


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