The importance of traveling

Lots of people dream of a life at different places in our world – and I am definitely one of those who suffer of wanderlust. To travel around the globe means not only to realize your dreams though, it means much more than this.

In terms of wars, political misunderstanding and lots of refugees who are forced to leave their country, traveling becomes even more important.Some people might think that this sounds weird and wrong because traveling becomes more and more dangerous because of all these mentioned reasons, but it is actually true.

Wherever you go, you can find people who will welcome you with  their arms open and without prejudices. Take as an example that I left Germany to spend five months in Canada with a family I didn’t know at all. I just trusted my gut that everything would be fine – and that’s what it turned out like – I found a family on the other side of the world, I got to know their culture and their views of life which opened up my mind.

We need these cross-cultural experience to understand life and other peoples situation. I don’t understand why so many people are prejudiced against other people, only because they don’t look the same on the outward or have different traditions and religions.

Traveling opens up our mind and borders don’t exist anymore. People who just grab their backpack and don’t care if they are staying with white or black people, if they know the language or not – those are the ones who really travel and go as an ambassador of their country and also as an ambassador of peace.



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