Why do we act so badly sometimes?

My mum and I just discussed if little children can actually be born to do bad things. And we wondered if badness and hate is similar to a hereditary illness? I don’t really think so but why are there so many bad people in this world? Is it the wrong parenting or the wrong education in school or what is it that people turn bad?

Of course, sometimes we have a bad day because something didn’t go the way we wanted it or we just woke up on the wrong foot. But none of this is ever a reason to treat other people badly or even hate them. This can start in school when students bully other kids because they don’t look or act the way the society wants them to or at work when there is a lot of competition or rivalry, lots of us get jalous when a coworker is better at doing something then they are.

I’m wondering why do we care and judge so much about others? Why don’t we just focus on ourselves to understand that it is just not nice to treat other people badly. And in the end it even gets back to you because if you want to have a pure conscience you have to act kindly to a certain extent. It does not make you happy to treat others badly but it does the opposite – you won’t stay focused on yourself and you will hang up to much time thinking about others.

Jealousy is one of the biggest reasons, we don’t treat our fellow human being the way they should treated. But don’t take this as a bad aspect, take it as an incentive and give your best to do better next time! I know that this is very hard (from my own experience!) but try it and trust me, you will be happier! Just try to be nice to everybody and turn the bad aspects into good ones!

Have a positive view of life, try to act kindly and nice and treat others the way you want to be treated. Think about that!


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