Love yourself

I guess everyone of you already listened to the song Love yourself in the radio since it’s one of the five songs they are playing the whole day around. And no, don’t worry! I’m not a Belieber or a crazy 16 year old Justin Bieber fan or supporter. But in this point I just totally agree with him. There is too less loving yourself in this world. To some of you it might sound selfish, but it’s not. You have the right to love yourself and even in the bible it’s already said that you should do it.

Everyday in school I hear people saying “I have to improve that” and “Until summer starts I have to lose at least 5kg”. And that’s okay, I don’t  judge people who are doing that, it’s good to be ambitious. But the bad thing is to be over ambitious. You have to  differentiate between those two things. Humans always get the urge of never being satisfied. We are literally looking for something bad we could improve. But who can evaluate if it’s better to weigh 5kg more or less? Nobody can and nobody has the right to define a perfect human because nobody is perfect anyways. There will always be something to improve but why should you look for that small spot which is not perfect? It doesn’t matter if you change this little thing or not, it belongs to you, to your body, to your personality, to your human-being!

Don’t worry about being perfect, treat yourself with respect and Baby you should go and love yourself!



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