What makes you happy?

This is probably one of the biggest questions in your life because it’s basically the most important part and everybody has to answer it by himself. What makes you happy? Some people are having big difficulties with answering that question and it’s actually so easy. We are just making too much about nothing and worrying about everything. Is it for example, that bad that you have to go to school every day? It’s all about perspective.

Even though I’m only 16, I have already seen a lot in this world and one of the most educational and awakening trips was the one to Uganda, Africa in October 2014. We have a little foster child there who we take care of for quite a while now and it has always been a dream to meet her one day. So the day came and I got to meet little Claire who is still in primary school. She was standing in front of me, looking at me with her big brown eyes and she gave me the brightest smile I have ever seen in my whole life. And you know what? She literally has nothing. She is an orphan because both of her parents were infected with AIDS and now she is living with some random people in her neighborhood. She didn’t even wear any shoes because she isn’t in possession of any. She is so thankful that she is able to go to school because we are paying the school fees for her every month. That was a little example to show, that it’s all about perspective. We should just be happy, that we are for example, able to go to school everyday, that we can broaden our minds.

Being happy is not about being rich or having the perfect life. It’s the little things in life we should smile and be happy about. Why do we even say that we are waking up in a bad mood? You can’t wake up in a bad mood! Wake up and be excited about everything the day will give you. Walk out of the house with a smile on your face because you life isn’t bad. It can always be worse, even if you have maths class first period and you didn’t do your homework. Give the little things in life like a smile or a simple hug more value and you will see that they will make you even happier. But sometimes it even seems like people are scared of being happy because they are looking for something to worry about. Is it that difficult to be happy just with what you have? For some people it is. They just can’t get enough and they keep comparing to someone else happiness. But this is wrong, you yourself, you have to be happy.

Just stop worrying, stop over-thinking and be thankful that God gave you this one life and don’t waste it with being unhappy.


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