How do you dream big?

At my host family’s house in the living room, there’s a big picture which says: “Family rules” on it. So a couple weeks ago little Treyton started to read this sign (since he learns how to read now in Grade 1) and besides the obvious rules like listen to your parents and always tell the truth this sign simply has the two words: “Dream Big” on it. And of course he asked his parents: “Mommy, daddy, how do you dream big?”Difficult question to explain a 6 year old when I’m as a 16 year old still have to think about it. A lot.

Dream big? Does it mean to dream something particular while you are sleeping or what do we have to do to dream big? No, not really. It’s not about what you are dreaming in the night, it’s what you are dreaming about in your head, in your mind and especially in your heart. Too many people just follow the crowd without dreaming big at all. How many people are out there who are doing a job they are not supposed to do because they are just scared of dreaming big and they just want to have a safe job without taking any risks.

But what is life without any risks? Do you always want to know today what happens tomorrow? That’s why people often regret when it comes to the end of their lives. Their whole life they did something safe just to earn a normal amount of money, wear normal clothes and go to their normal work place. It’s a big problem in our society, that we can’t follow our heart anymore. Some people might say now, that I’m seeing life too easy as a 16 year old who doesn’t have to take big responsibilities and that there has to be somebody who earns enough money to have a family and that you cannot always become what you want to. That’s true, I won’t doubt it. But did you actually try to become who you want to be or did you even try to get the job you want to have? The problem is that the most people don’t even try and don’t even want to go out of their comfort zone.

Imagine there are two trails, the one looks really easy, barely any hills and it ends up after a couple hours of hiking on a mountain which is 1800 m high. You see a lot of rocks on the other trail and a little river you have to cross without any bridge, after some high hills and a week of hiking and climbing  you are on top of the mountain which is 2500 m high. Which path would you take?

Now it’s easy to say: “Of course I would take the second one!” But is it true? With that example I just want to show, that you should dream big and at least try to take the harder trail. You can always switch to the easier one but once you are walking on the easier one it’s difficult to change it.

Always remember that nothing is impossible and you are dreaming big when you are at least trying to follow your heart and not be scared of becoming, who you are meant to be.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. -Walt Disney



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